3Q, 三Q, 39, サンキュー, さんきゅう [131/365]

One of the videogames I still play regularly is Hearthstone, and one of the things that keeps me playing is the friends I have made there.

This is partly by the design of the game itself, that there are quests which reward having friends who also play – notably “Watch and Learn”, which grants a card pack for spectating a friend win a match, and “Play a Friend”. which gives you and the friend 80 gold for playing together (regardless of who wins).

I play Hearthstone on all three servers: North America, Europe, Asia; and often encounter interesting language quirks from my friends on the latter, many of whom don’t speak very much English in their daily lives but still make a sterling effort when we chat in-game.

Today I had the double whammy of “Watch and Learn” + “Play a Friend” in my questbook so watched my friend 夜黎 trash a Priest opponent in Wild with a Warlock deck I had never seen before. 夜黎 won by putting multiple Mal’Ganises into the hand over the course of the match and then outground the opponent by casting them one after another late in the game until the adversary had simply run out of removal and died to the powerful demon.


After watching the match and winning my pack, I snuck in to challenge 夜黎 so we could both get our 80G from my other quest. We played a quick game and chatted thus:

Hearthstone 3Q Cropped

My “<3” is a fairly well-known shorthand for a heart symbol ❤️, but what about “3Q”? I had no idea!

But then I remembered that 3 is “san” and so naturally “3Q” = “thank you”.

A bit of research reveals there are different forms, varying in crypticness:

3Q or 三Q or 39 or サンキュー or さんきゅう
“san kyū”
thank you

I wonder how to pronounce 夜黎’s name? It could be Chinese or could be Japanese. I will ask them when I next see them online! 🙂

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