Saturday Vocab Drop I [102/365]

One of the things about doing a language swap is that you end up with lots of weird notes full of random words that came up in conversation. You write them down because it helps them stick, or in my case I write them down because Callum yells at me when I don’t 😂😂😂

What can I do with these notes? They’re not very organised!

I think that as part of my blog I will do a “vocab drop” each Saturday of the notes that I have accumulated over the week.

They will be presented without context, but at least there will now be a digital record and I can throw away my scribbled pieces of paper.

So here is “Saturday Vocab Drop I”:

“matsu bokkuri”
pine cone

drink (a glass) in one go




seed (of a plant)

wish, desire, prayer

objective, target

Phew…it feels good to get these off my desk!

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