365 Days of Japanese Day #26

Ixalan Set Symbol and Text

The next Magic the Gathering set to come out is “Ixalan”, and this weekend there are “prerelease” events happening all over the world.

At a prerelease you receive a lot of cards from the new set and build a deck to play against others for prizes. They are a lot of fun, with a casual and friendly atmosphere. I always had a great time attending prereleases in Japan.

However, if you are using Japanese cards then knowing exactly what your cards do can sometimes be difficult!

Yesterday I wrote a long list of all the current “evergreen” keywords in Magic. These are certain to be relevant at a prerelease.

However, there are also keywords specific to the new set that are not on the evergreen list.

Let’s look at them today!

Sunrise Seeker 'Explore' Comparison
Sunrise Seeker ‘Explore’ Comparison

“tanken o okonau”

Ripjaw Raptor ‘Enrage’ Comparison


Firecannon Blast 'Raid' Comparison
Firecannon Blast ‘Raid’ Comparison


Dusk Legion Dreadnought 'Crew' Comparison
Dusk Legion Dreadnought ‘Crew’ Comparison

crew (literally: board as in board a boat)

Arguel's Blood Fast 'Transform' Comparison
Arguel’s Blood Fast ‘Transform’ Comparison

“henshin saseru”

The first two are new keywords and the latter three are returning keywords (i.e. we have seen them before in other sets).

As a bonus, here are the four creature types that form a tribal theme in Ixalan.

Dire Fleet Ravager 'Pirate' Comparison
Dire Fleet Ravager ‘Pirate’ Comparison


Charging Monstrosaur 'Dinosaur' Comparison
Charging Monstrosaur ‘Dinosaur’ Comparison


Skyblade of the Legion 'Vampire' Comparison
Skyblade of the Legion ‘Vampire’ Comparison


Herald of Secret Streams 'Merfolk' Comparison
Herald of Secret Streams ‘Merfolk’ Comparison


Finally, the set features “treasure” tokens.

Ixalan Treasure Token
I don’t have a Japanese picture of this one yet 😭


If you attend an Ixalan prerelease I hope you open some Magic: the Gathering treasure!

I am happy to have finished this triplet to coincide with the Ixalan prerelease. The image editing for these entries disrupted my workflow somewhat regarding daily posts on time but I am now caught up and hopefully have found my “rhythm”!


    1. I’m crazy about Magic hahaha! I learned in Japan and I guess it followed me back to the UK 😀.

      Good call on “board” – I’ve added that into the entry!

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